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Jury Instructions

Thomson Reuters provides complete and up-to-date jury instruction books for every jurisdiction and practice area. Standard shipping is always free.

This title is designed to assist in the preparation of jury instructions in the state of Missouri.

Book   $180.00

New edition

Provides complete and up-to-date instructions and commentary by the Alabama Supreme Court Committee on Jury Instructions.

Book (Full Set)   $368.00

CACI is the plain language jury instructions of California with conversion tables, research references, use notes, and commentary.

Book (Full Set)   $268.00
ProView eBook   $268.00

This title provides civil, criminal, and juvenile jury instructions, notes on use, committee comments, and West library references.

Book   $165.00

A working tool for counsel and trial judges, designed to ensure juror comprehension and compliance with the law.

Book   $541.00

New edition This title provides jury instructions for Washington criminal cases in a concise, easy to understand manner.

Book   $334.00
ProView eBook   $334.00

This offering includes both CALCRIM (plain language) criminal jury instructions and CALJIC (standard legal language) criminal jury instructions.

Book (Full Set)   $268.00

This product contains the plain language jury instructions in an easy-to- use, 8 1/2 x 11 format.

Book (Full Set)   $268.00

This multivolume set provides extensive coverage of Colorado civil law procedure, jury instruction, statutes, and cases. Contains actual instructions.

Book (Full Set)   $226.00
ProView eBook   $226.00

This product provides practical advice on the use of the jury instructions in Illinois cases.

Book   $205.00
ProView eBook   $205.00

This guide provides unbiased and accurate statements of law concerning jury instruction. Examines statutes, cases and court rules.

Book (Full Set)   $174.00
ProView eBook   $174.00

New edition

This reference provides in-depth analyses of legal principles related to, and simplified ways to prepare, modified jury charges.

Book (Full Set)   $1,315.00

New edition A comprehensive set of form instructions for all areas of practice, from negligence to agency to contracts.

Book   $477.00

Written in "plain language" for easier comprehension in civil trials. The preferred guide for practitioners preparing for jury instruction phase.

Book   $443.00

Provides you with the complete instructions and Notes on Use on CD-ROM. Available only with purchase of print volume.


This set includes BAJI instructions and new plain language CACI instructions, with conversion tables, research references, use notes, and commentary.

Book (Full Set)   $268.00

New Product This title provides plain language criminal jury instructions.

Book (Full Set)   $268.00
ProView eBook   $268.00

This single source explains all the Texas Rules governing jury charge practice in Texas.

Book (Full Set)   $199.00

Michigan Model Criminal Jury Instructions Annotated includes full text of the mandated Michigan Model Criminal Jury Instructions (M Crim JI), along with authored commentary.

Book   $175.00

This handbook contains uniform jury instructions, modified jury instructions, and commentary on using and requesting instructions for different cases.

Book   $200.00

Hundreds of jury instructions encompass a broad range of criminal topics.

Book   $137.00
ProView eBook   $137.00

For use with Federal Jury Practice and Instructions, 6th, this pamphlet contains civil instructions for the Eighth Circuit.

Book   $36.00
ProView eBook   $36.00

Guide for the jury instruction phase of criminal trials; includes instructions for all levels of crimes.

Book   $332.00

Detailed practice manual discussing effective communication with jurors in criminal trials.

Book   $376.00

This leading source of California jury instructions for criminal cases lets you develop and request accurate jury instructions.

Book (Full Set)   $268.00
ProView eBook   $268.00