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Access the book and CD-ROM forms you need for your practice area and jurisdiction. Trusted in the legal community, these resources will save you hours of drafting and updating and provide practical advice from experts in your field.

This product provides a quick, easy way to compute accurate support calculations under the California Statewide Uniform Child Support Guidelines.


This title summarizes all facets of automobile insurance law in Georgia, with an emphasis on tort cases involving automobile insurance.

Book   $588.00 $529.20
ProView eBook   $588.00 $529.20

New edition This treatise gives you the blackletter law using Virginia precedents and trends from other jurisdictions.

Book   $322.00 $289.80
ProView eBook   $322.00 $289.80

This essential companion to TRG California Practice Guide: Family Law contains more than 250 forms, including detailed declarations and points and authorities.

Book (Full Set)   $318.00

CACI is the plain language jury instructions of California with conversion tables, research references, use notes, and commentary.

Book (Full Set)   $292.00 $262.80
ProView eBook   $292.00 $262.80

Gives you guidance to handling criminal cases in Virginia, answers common questions, and provides useful strategies.

Book   $321.00 $288.90
ProView eBook   $321.00 $288.90

Provides a complete guide to civil discovery in Georgia, including practical forms.

Book   $275.00 $247.50
ProView eBook   $275.00 $247.50

This product compiles and organizes over 290 model documents for your easy access.

Book (Full Set)   $578.00 $520.20

This work gives you a complete overview of wills and estate administration in Mississippi.

Book (Full Set)   $161.00 $144.90
ProView eBook

Obtain step-by-step guidance for criminal cases in Virginia courts with this resource.

Book   $317.00 $285.30
ProView eBook   $317.00 $285.30

This title gives you forms for all criminal proceedings in Georgia, from pretrial matters through postconviction remedies.

Book   $230.00 $207.00

This comprehensive work is a completely up-to-date guide on handling cases in the juvenile court system of Georgia and it fully incorporates the 2013 revised Juvenile Code.

Book   $217.00 $195.30
ProView eBook   $217.00 $195.30

This treatise explains construction liens, contracts, and claims in easy-to-understand language, useful for legal professionals and non-practitioners.

Book (Full Set)   $190.00 $171.00
ProView eBook

This treatise provides practical insight on general contract law, reviews specific contract types, and gives examples of standard contracts.

Book (Full Set)   $211.00 $189.90
ProView eBook

Gives you a compact reference work of basic practice matters and forms for civil cases in Georgia.

Book   $454.00 $408.60
ProView eBook   $454.00 $408.60

This handbook is a reference source that helps attorneys prepare a sound case while saving valuable research time.

Book   $367.00 $330.30
ProView eBook   $367.00 $330.30

Nationally recognized trial lawyer Kevin Dunne provides expert advice on preparing clients and witnesses for depositions in this title.

Book   $338.00 $304.20
ProView eBook   $338.00 $304.20

Companion to Florida Practice and Procedure, providing procedural forms using clear, accurate language on disk.


This resource gives you access to statutes and rules impacting Colorado litigation.

Book   $293.00 $263.70
ProView eBook   $293.00 $263.70

This is a "how-to" manual for the attorney, magistrate, or layperson on bringing an action in magistrate court.

Book   $280.00 $252.00
ProView eBook   $280.00 $252.00

This timesaving guide to the mechanics of title search is written for the novice examiner and the general practitioner.

Book   $222.00 $199.80
ProView eBook   $222.00 $199.80

These volumes collect, correlate, explain, and simplify Oklahoma probate practice.

Book (Full Set)   $361.00 $324.90

This title gives you a comprehensive review of postjudgment collection tools and suggestions on their use.

Book (Full Set)   $206.00 $185.40
ProView eBook

This volume contains commonly used forms that are essential to any practice.

Book (Full Set)   $267.00 $240.30

Gives you a complete analysis of the issues involved in drafting contracts and representing clients in closings.

Book (Full Set)   $243.50 $219.15
ProView eBook