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683731 promcode

A thorough how-to guide to handling auto accident litigation with forms and important provisions for settlement agreements.

Book (Full Set)   $692.50 $554.00

All the forms, checklists, and guidance you need to efficiently and effectively draft all types of wills and trust agreements.

Book (Full Set)   $1,466.00 $1,172.80

Intellectual Property: Money and Power in a New Era arms readers with the tools they need to prevent common – and costly – mistakes in everyday business interactions.

Book   $33.00 $26.40

Cowritten by a leading attorney and neuropsychiatrist, this work provides the legal and medical tools to handle brain injury cases.

Book (Full Set)   $347.00 $277.60
ProView eBook   $347.00 $277.60

This set provides a systematic and comprehensive analysis of contemporary Fourth Amendment issues involving search and seizure.

Book (Full Set)   $1,091.00
ProView eBook   $1,091.00 $872.80

Expert coverage of federal employment law from job application through termination, including discrimination, harassment, wages/hours, leaves, layoffs, and more.

Book (Full Set)   $400.00
ProView eBook   $400.00

Practice guide explores and evaluates basic theories and laws of workplace discrimination.

Book (Full Set)   $1,720.00 $1,376.00
ProView eBook   $1,720.00 $1,376.00

This set, written by 100 leading plaintiff's attorneys, provides expert strategies for dealing with all areas of tort practice.

Book (Full Set)   $1,293.00 $1,034.40

Covers all aspects of insurer bad faith claims.

Book (Full Set)   $648.00 $518.40
ProView eBook   $648.00 $518.40

This guide provides practical, real-life advice on the best practices and methods for voir dire, plus forms.

Book (Full Set)   $609.00 $487.20
ProView eBook   $609.00 $487.20

Complete coverage of income, estate, and gift taxation as it relates to farm and ranch families.

Book (Full Set)   $542.00 $433.60
ProView eBook   $542.00 $433.60

The complete guide to investigating and successfully evaluating automobile coverage and injury claims.

Book   $179.00 $143.20
ProView eBook   $179.00 $143.20

These volumes guide you through every stage of the bankruptcy process – initial contact through final resolution – from the perspectives of debtor, creditor, and trustee.

Book (Full Set)   $1,155.00 $924.00
ProView eBook   $1,155.00 $924.00

A practical guide to domestic relations litigation, presenting the steps, options, and considerations for successfully completing a case.

Book (Full Set)   $955.00 $764.00
ProView eBook   $955.00 $764.00

In this Aspatore legal title, criminal defense attorneys nationwide offer their best practices for managing evidence during a pornography case.

Book   $90.00 $72.00

This set covers major construction law issues in a historical and factual context, including international law.

Book (Full Set)   $1,470.00 $1,176.00
ProView eBook   $1,470.00 $1,176.00

This treatise provides expert advice on drafting and negotiating commercial agreements and includes adaptable forms (including alternative solutions).

Book (Full Set)   $621.00 $496.80
ProView eBook   $621.00 $496.80

This extensive guide provides analysis of every kind of commercial real estate transaction, including forms documenting each kind of transaction.

Book (Full Set)   $3,448.00 $2,758.40

This work shows you how to master the techniques of courtroom persuasion.

Book (Full Set)   $279.00 $223.20
ProView eBook   $279.00 $223.20

This title contains more than 217,100 case annotations to the most commonly sold and litigated property and liability policies in the United States today.

Book (Full Set)   $2,293.00 $1,834.40

Provides clear explanations of all 109 objections commonly used by civil and criminal attorneys, and each one's basis in law.

Book (Full Set)   $329.00 $263.20
ProView eBook   $329.00 $263.20

Detailed resource discussing the theory and fundamental characteristics of the class action, examining benefits, controversies, and judicial remedy.

Book (Full Set)   $1,934.00 $1,547.20
ProView eBook   $1,934.00 $1,547.20

This resource explains how to interpret intoxication evidence for any criminal or civil case involving drinking while driving.

Book (Full Set)   $1,064.00 $851.20
ProView eBook   $1,064.00 $851.20

This extensive treatise examines workouts and foreclosures throughout the country, from protecting interests before foreclosure to confirmation and redemption rights.

Book (Full Set)   $2,818.00 $2,254.40
ProView eBook   $2,818.00 $2,254.40

Text and forms relating to issues of a closely held business, including taxation strategies and effects of business decisions.

Book   $3,169.00 $2,535.20