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Litigating Nursing Home Abuse Cases (AAJ Press)

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Brand: Thomson West
Copyright: 2008

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Litigating Nursing Home Abuse Cases (AAJ Press)


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Litigating Nursing Home Abuse Cases is a premier resource from AAJ Press (formerly ATLA Press), written by three of the top plaintiffs' attorneys in the field. This set provides a road map to successful litigation of nursing home neglect or abuse cases. You'll learn how to refute common defenses, use discovery to obtain essential information, establish corporate neglect, use regulations to establish the standard of care, reduce liens, and more. It also discusses applicable medical malpractice and elder abuse statutes, federal and state nursing home regulations, and:

  • The nursing home setting and industry
  • Evaluating the potential claim
  • The client
  • Investigating the nursing home
  • Considering other potential defendants
  • Initial steps
  • Nursing home regulations
  • Cost reports
  • The role of the expert
  • Drafting the complaint
  • Written discovery
  • Depositions
  • Detecting fraud in the nursing home records
  • The nursing home budget
  • How to prove understaffing
  • Compensatory and punitive damages
  • Pretrial issues, trial and posttrial

Features include:

  • Client interview and authorization forms
  • Time-saving discovery forms, including deposition outlines, suggestions for opening and closing statements, and guidelines for cross-examining witnesses
  • Draft complaints