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Real estate law products

Legal Solutions from Thomson Reuters offers comprehensive legal resources for real estate attorneys.

This practical manual for attorneys, contractors, architects, engineers, and developers covers virtually every legal issue involved in New York construction.

Book   $182.00 $145.60
ProView eBook   $182.00 $145.60

This title provides you with essential information about Texas construction law.

Book   $178.00 $142.40
ProView eBook   $178.00 $142.40

New edition This work provides practitioners expert analysis of the legal and accounting issues associated with exchange transactions under Internal Revenue Code Section 1031.

Book   $963.00 $770.40
ProView eBook

New edition This product contains the Texas Property Code, as amended through the 2017 Regular and First Called Sessions of the 85th Legislature.

Book   $85.00 $68.00
ProView eBook

Commercial and residential tenancies, from leasing to tenancy termination and eviction, plus rent control, bankruptcy, and government-subsidized housing.

Book (Full Set)   $530.00
ProView eBook   $530.00

New edition

This publication provides the full text of the Texas Property Code and comprehensive presentation of related Texas real property statutes. Includes legislation through the Regular Session of the 85th Legislature (2017).

Book   $122.00 $97.60
ProView eBook   $122.00 $97.60

This set covers major construction law issues in a historical and factual context, including international law.

Book (Full Set)   $1,470.00 $1,176.00
ProView eBook   $1,470.00 $1,176.00

New edition This timesaving guide to the mechanics of title search is written for the novice examiner and the general practitioner.

Book   $255.00 $204.00
ProView eBook   $255.00 $204.00

A thorough explanation and analysis of United States property law concerning servitudes by the American Law Institute.

Book (Full Set)   $249.00 $199.20
ProView eBook   $249.00 $199.20

This book gives the practitioner or mortgage lender assistance in foreclosure actions, with forms.

Book   $227.00 $181.60
ProView eBook   $227.00 $181.60

This text offers you helpful analysis and guidance for effective management of real estate investment trusts.

Book   $1,372.00 $1,097.60
ProView eBook   $1,372.00 $1,097.60

This landmark set provides detailed coverage of all aspects of Georgia real estate law.

Book (Full Set)   $562.00 $449.60
ProView eBook   $562.00 $449.60

This work offers a practical, in-depth analysis of construction law in Florida.

Book   $499.00 $399.20
ProView eBook   $499.00 $399.20

This treatise completely covers laws of equitable distribution.

Book (Full Set)   $403.00 $322.40
ProView eBook   $403.00 $322.40

This title covers the practice of real estate in Iowa.

Book   $270.00 $216.00
ProView eBook   $270.00 $216.00

Provides extensive coverage of real estate finance law, including due-on-sale clauses, alternative mortgages, bankruptcy, and finance forms.

Book (Full Set)   $252.00 $201.60
ProView eBook   $252.00 $201.60

This product covers Florida real estate in one volume and provides a resource no real estate practitioner should be without.

Book   $327.00 $261.60
ProView eBook   $327.00 $261.60

This source offers you a reliable day-to-day reference that can help you handle most Louisiana real estate problems.

Book (Full Set)   $868.00 $694.40
ProView eBook   $868.00 $694.40

This extensive review provides authoritative guidance and on-target strategies to help you deal with today's modern real estate market.

Book (Full Set)
ProView eBook

New edition Working manual providing expert guidance, ready-to-use forms, and checklists for negotiating and documenting profit-making real estate deals.

Book (Full Set)   $692.00 $553.60
ProView eBook   $692.00 $553.60

Chronological guidance through purchase and sale transactions, from negotiations to closing and remedies. Also includes tax law and environmental liability.

Book (Full Set)   $591.00
ProView eBook   $591.00

Connecticut Land Use Law and Practice is a practical source on land use problems and litigation for Connecticut attorneys, judges, municipal officers and others involved in the land use process.

Book (Full Set)   $533.00 $426.40
ProView eBook   $533.00 $426.40

New edition This handbook provides extensive coverage of construction litigation issues, including advice on counseling both plaintiff and defendant.

Book (Full Set)   $510.00 $408.00
ProView eBook   $510.00 $408.00

Provides guidance and forms for commercial and residential real estate transactions in North Carolina.

Book (Full Set)   $486.00 $388.80
ProView eBook   $486.00 $388.80

This volume is a practical guide to compliance with the provisions of these complex real estate finance laws.

Book (Full Set)   $446.00 $356.80
ProView eBook   $446.00 $356.80