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Real Estate Law Products

Legal Solutions from Thomson Reuters offers comprehensive legal resources for real estate attorneys.

Commercial and residential tenancies, from leasing to tenancy termination and eviction, plus rent control, bankruptcy, and government-subsidized housing.

Book (Full Set)   $506.00
ProView eBook   $506.00

This product contains the Texas Property Code, as amended through the 2013 Regular and Called Sessions of the 83rd Legislature.

Book   $68.00
ProView eBook   $68.00

This two-volume guide provides step-by-step directions through complex commercial real estate transactions, including tables of cases and statutes.

Book   $274.00

Offers insights into intestate successions, capacity to give/receive donations inter vivos and mortis causa, forced heirship, legacies, and more.

Book (Full Set)   $162.00

This landmark set provides detailed coverage of all aspects of Georgia real estate law.

Book (Full Set)   $505.00
ProView eBook   $505.00

This publication provides the full text of the Texas Property Code and comprehensive presentation of related Texas real property statutes. Includes legislation through the First Called Session of the 83rd Legislature (2013).

Book   $103.00

This product provides forms for every phase of Georgia real estate transactions.


Provides an overview of the american law of property for the law student.

Book   $19.00

Provides comprehensive coverage of Texas land, title, interests in land, oil and gas descriptions, and surveying.

Book (Full Set)   $727.00

This comprehensive volume provides specialist advice on all legal and business aspects of real estate investment trusts.

Book (Full Set)   $651.00

Extensive resource examining complex legal principles of easements and licenses in land, including classification, creation, and executing transactions.

Book (Full Set)   $841.00
ProView eBook   $841.00

Chronological guidance through purchase and sale transactions, from negotiations to closing and remedies. Also includes tax law and environmental liability.

Book (Full Set)   $517.00
ProView eBook   $517.00

This comprehensive treatise features updated coverage of federal and state land title law.

Book (Full Set)   $533.00

A thorough explanation and analysis of United States property law concerning mortgages by the American Law Institute.

Book (Full Set)   $88.00

This Aspatore legal title provides an authoritative, insider's perspective on helping buyers and borrowers navigate the evolving real estate marketplace.

Book   $85.00

These volumes deal specifically with the assessment of damages in Louisiana law, including in-depth analysis of the theory of damages.

Book (Full Set)   $313.00

Comprehensive “how to” practice guide steps through the procedural and substantive issues involved for all parties in landlord-tenant relations.

Book (Full Set)   $515.00

A comprehensive treatment of the law of marital property and homestead exemption as practiced in Texas.

Book (Full Set)   $234.00

Includes jury instructions for virtually all criminal cases in Louisiana State Courts.

Book   $229.00

These comprehensive and practical volumes analyze all property taxes levied on real and tangible personal property in Texas.

Book (Full Set)   $290.00

This handbook contains complete discussion on issues affecting condominium owners, condominium associations, and real estate practitioners.

Book (Full Set)   $207.00

The first analysis of the landlord-tenant relationship by the American Law Institute, updating and expanding Restatement of the Law, Property.

Book (Full Set)   $131.00

This reference analyzes all federal laws and regulations governing real estate sales, leasing and financing.

Book (Full Set)   $1,181.00
ProView eBook   $1,181.00

Focuses on property issues affecting state and local governments, especially scope of government’s authority, plus practical approaches to problem solving.

Book (Full Set)   $247.00

This product covers Florida real estate in one volume and provides a resource no real estate practitioner should be without.

Book   $210.00