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Negligence, Personal Injury, Torts Products

Legal Solutions from Thomson Reuters offers comprehensive tort law products and books for attorneys and legal practitioners.

Client intake, causes of action, theories of recovery, defenses and immunities, MICRA, damages, settlements, prelawsuit claim filing, and more.

Book (Full Set)   $638.00

Detailed reference on the management of complex litigation cases, providing numerous state cases, federal provisions, related developments, and informed commentary.

Book   $194.00
ProView eBook   $194.00

Designed to provide the trial attorney with a reference for raising objections at trial and for making responses to objections.

Book   $52.00

Step-by-step guide to preparing, settling, and trying mass tort cases.

Book (Full Set)   $308.00

New edition Comprehensive guide on the special procedures, rules, jurisdictional questions and remedies for American and international admiralty and maritime law.

Book (Full Set)   $291.00

This text provides plaintiff and defendant pattern interrogatories, deposition checklists, and practical information about aspects of a medical malpractice action.

Book   $611.00

Explains concepts of medical liability in California. Takes you from the initial client interview through conclusion of trial. Three volumes.

Book (Full Set)   $611.00

This work provides both the general practitioner and the experienced trial lawyer a practical survey of Georgia’s wrongful death law.

Book (Full Set)   $161.00

Analysis of all issues of medical malpractice in Texas including substantive, practical discussion of relevant legislation and case law.

Book (Full Set)   $299.00

This work shows you how to master the techniques of courtroom persuasion.

Book (Full Set)   $238.00

A compilation of New York tort law that includes all available defenses, trial issues, and damages.

Book (Full Set)   $440.00

Analyzes caselaw, explains interpretations most accepted by courts, and looks at trends.

Book (Full Set)   $131.00

A desktop encyclopedia of Colorado tort and insurance cases, statutes, and regulations.

Book (Full Set)   $651.00

Applicable rules of tort law, exceptions and jurisdictional conflicts, and references to federal and state law, with major recent developments.

Book   $648.00

Analyzes caselaw concening products liability by explaining interpretations most accepted by courts and looking at trends.

Book (Full Set)   $220.00
ProView eBook   $220.00

Explains how, when, and why to use oral and written discovery in premises liability cases. Hundreds of questions and checklists.

Book   $624.00

Provides techniques, strategies, checklists, and samples for fact-finding in motor vehicle liability cases.

Book   $624.00

This set provides case-building tools used during discovery to effectively represent clients.

Book   $624.00

Provides techniques, strategies, checklists, and samples for fact-finding in product liability cases.

Book   $918.00

Complete survey of the law relating to emotional injuries.

Book   $258.00

Resource packed with forms, letters, and litigation materials you can easily adapt for use in your own personal injury practice.

Book (Full Set)   $1,294.00

Analyzes case law; explains interpretations most accepted by courts, looks at trends. Torts, 2d, Vol. 4, contains Section 708-End.

Book   $63.50

Analyzes case law; explains interpretations most accepted by courts; and looks at trends. Torts, 2d, Vol. 3, contains Sections 504-707A.

Book   $63.50

One-volume complete guide to comparative negligence and comparative fault.

Book (Full Set)   $486.00

Addresses issues common to all types of toxic torts cases; focuses on claims of personal injury.

Book (Full Set)   $547.00