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Negligence, personal injury, torts products

Legal Solutions from Thomson Reuters offers comprehensive tort law products and books for attorneys and legal practitioners.

This title summarizes all facets of automobile insurance law in Georgia, with an emphasis on tort cases involving automobile insurance.

Book   $588.00 $529.20
ProView eBook   $588.00 $529.20

This work gives guidance for cases involving personal injury, death, or damages caused by trucks or commercial trailers.

Book (Full Set)   $414.00 $372.60
ProView eBook   $414.00 $372.60

Client intake, causes of action, theories of recovery, defenses and immunities, MICRA, damages, settlements, prelawsuit claim filing, and more.

Book (Full Set)   $681.00
ProView eBook   $681.00

Pamphlet focusing on jury award and settlement trends in employment liability cases includes statistical analyses, recovery probabilities, and case summaries.

Book   $95.00 $85.50

New edition This annotated version is intended to provide the user with a practical, portable and easy-to-use resource for legal research.

Book   $306.00 $275.40

This work provides a detailed explanation of the Florida Personal Injury and Wrongful Death areas of law.

Book   $523.00 $470.70
ProView eBook   $523.00 $470.70

Explains concepts of medical liability in California. Takes you from the initial client interview through conclusion of trial. Three volumes.

Book (Full Set)   $765.00 $688.50
ProView eBook

This set gives you a complete source of aviation accident law.

Book (Full Set)   $285.00 $256.50
ProView eBook   $285.00 $256.50

This guide contains the full text of the California Insurance Code, plus related provisions from state and federal statutes.

Book   $85.00 $76.50
ProView eBook   $85.00 $76.50

This set provides comprehensive coverage on legal malpractice liability, prevention, litigation, and insurance.

Book (Full Set)   $935.00 $841.50
ProView eBook   $935.00 $841.50

Gives you a complete guide to workers' compensation law in Florida, and includes official and suggested forms.

Book (Full Set)   $854.00 $768.60
ProView eBook   $854.00 $768.60

This handbook is a reference source that helps attorneys prepare a sound case while saving valuable research time.

Book   $367.00 $330.30
ProView eBook   $367.00 $330.30

Step-by-step guide to preparing, settling, and trying mass tort cases.

Book (Full Set)   $386.00 $347.40
ProView eBook

Cowritten by a leading attorney and neuropsychiatrist, this work provides the legal and medical tools to handle brain injury cases.

Book (Full Set)   $347.00 $312.30
ProView eBook

This title contains the complete text of the California Insurance Code, along with a schedule of fees and charges.

Book   $78.00 $70.20
ProView eBook   $78.00 $70.20

This title provides the trial attorney and presiding judge with a clear and concise statement of the federal law of evidence.

Book (Full Set)   $1,005.00
ProView eBook

Covers all stages of litigation and arbitration for personal injury cases in New York.

Book (Full Set)   $614.00 $552.60
ProView eBook   $614.00 $552.60

This title covers each stage of litigation, and provides guidance, checklists, and forms.

Book (Full Set)   $574.00 $516.60
ProView eBook   $574.00 $516.60

A comprehensive treatise on substantive Georgia tort law for the general practitioner or specialist.

Book   $475.00 $427.50
ProView eBook   $475.00 $427.50

Guide to representing injured persons in minor impact soft tissue (MIST) cases, including forms.

Book (Full Set)   $492.00 $442.80
ProView eBook   $492.00 $442.80

Helps litigators effectively challenge the opinions of mental health professionals.

Book (Full Set)   $415.00 $373.50
ProView eBook

This title presents the big picture of torts in Mississippi by bringing together the black-letter law into a comprehensive treatment.

Book (Full Set)   $273.00 $245.70
ProView eBook

New edition This title gives guidance and practice tips for handling personal injury cases in Georgia.

Book   $205.00 $184.50
ProView eBook   $205.00 $184.50

A thorough examination of all aspects of premises liability, providing critical information for representation of either plaintiffs or landowners.

Book (Full Set)   $216.00 $194.40
ProView eBook

This volume provides comprehensive coverage of Indiana laws relating to personal injury law and practice.

Book (Full Set)   $242.00 $217.80
ProView eBook