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Labor and Employment law books

Legal Solutions by Thomson Reuters offers comprehensive legal resources for the labor and employment law professional, including employment law books, labor law books, and software applications. Shop by law practice area or jurisdiction to find the right law book the first time.

Experts cover federal and California state employment law from job application through termination, including discrimination, harassment, wages/hours, leaves and wrongful discharge.

Book (Full Set)   $687.00
ProView eBook   $687.00

This title contains the text of Title 29 (Labor), United States Code Annotated®, and all related important federal labor laws.

Book   $278.00 $236.30
ProView eBook   $278.00 $236.30

New edition

This text contains the statutes, rules, and regulations dealing with employment and labor law, including the complete text of California Labor Code and the Unemployment Insurance Code.

Book   $87.00 $73.95

Two expert practitioners offer a practical guide to the fast-changing law of employment practices.

Book   $436.00 $370.60
ProView eBook   $436.00 $370.60

Unravels the complexities of employment for anyone who deals with employment disputes.

Book (Full Set)   $230.00 $195.50
ProView eBook   $230.00 $195.50

Provides an overview of the law and a comprehensive discussion of employment issues and relevant case law.

Book (Full Set)   $204.25 $173.61
ProView eBook

This title identifies, organizes, and analyzes the state and federal statutory and jurisprudential developments governing the employment relationship in Louisiana.

Book   $172.00 $146.20
ProView eBook   $172.00 $146.20

Text of the New Jersey rules and act, plus applicable statutes, case citations and step-by-step procedures. Includes checklists and forms.

Book (Full Set)   $485.00 $412.25
ProView eBook   $485.00 $412.25

This treatise integrates significant aspects of employment law.

Book (Full Set)   $383.00 $325.55
ProView eBook   $383.00 $325.55

This practical handbook explains day-to-day or complex OSHA questions quickly.

Book (Full Set)   $305.00 $259.25
ProView eBook   $305.00 $259.25

Provides a tool for the practitioner who needs to know state and federal employment principles applicable in Georgia.

Book (Full Set)   $223.00 $189.55
ProView eBook   $223.00 $189.55

New edition Convenient, comprehensive resource for locating the latest in workers’ compensation administrative rules.

Book   $216.00 $183.60
ProView eBook

Reference guide to major provisions of the Colorado Workers' Compensation Act, including case citations, sample forms and letters.

Book (Full Set)   $218.00 $185.30

A complete legal guide on termination of employment that covers every step of the employer/employee relationship.

Book (Full Set)
ProView eBook

This handbook describes the federal proxy regulation system and analyzes and explains the regulations that form the system.

Book   $1,311.00 $1,114.35
ProView eBook   $1,311.00 $1,114.35

This set reviews significant areas of labor law.

Book (Full Set)   $1,425.00 $1,211.25
ProView eBook   $1,425.00 $1,211.25

This title simplifies the process of preparing and presenting immigration petitions, forms, and applications.

Book (Full Set)   $1,384.00 $1,176.40
ProView eBook   $1,384.00 $1,176.40

A detailed analysis of all areas of sex discrimination.

Book (Full Set)   $1,115.00 $947.75
ProView eBook

This title provides guidance on plan selection, design, coverage, approval, and administration. Published as a companion to Employee Fringe and Welfare Benefit Plans.

Book (Full Set)   $1,095.00 $930.75
ProView eBook   $1,095.00 $930.75

This book is a compilation of the laws and rules governing the administration of public employment in Ohio.

Book   $529.00 $449.65

This work provides a collection of federal employment statutes with expert commentary.

Book   $501.00 $425.85

Provides full coverage of employee fringe and welfare benefit plans available under ERISA.

Book   $492.00 $418.20
ProView eBook   $492.00 $418.20

This product provides a comprehensive review of Americans with Disabilities standards, litigation issues, and practical application of the law.

Book   $469.00 $398.65
ProView eBook   $469.00 $398.65

Comprehensive coverage of both substantive and procedural law of Louisiana workers' compensation gives you the whole picture in less time.

Book (Full Set)   $404.00 $343.40
ProView eBook   $404.00 $343.40

This text discusses a range of antitrust topics, offering authoritative guidance on litigation and providing guidelines for compliance to avoid litigation.

Book (Full Set)   $261.00 $221.85
ProView eBook   $261.00 $221.85