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Intellectual property law products

Legal Solutions from Thomson Reuters offers comprehensive legal resources for intellectual property law attorneys.

This publication is the same manual followed by U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) examiners for processing or prosecuting patent applications.

Book (Full Set)   $49.00 $39.20
ProView eBook   $49.00 $39.20

A case-oriented discussion of each stage in a Section 337 proceeding before the United States International Trade Commission.

Book   $1,559.00 $1,247.20

This book provides critical analysis in trade secret litigation and practical insights into strategic issues accompanying trade secret disputes.

Book   $239.00 $191.20

Understanding Trademark Law: A Beginner's Guide offers readers an introduction on how to register, maintain, protect, and enforce trademark rights.

Book   $45.00 $36.00

Complete desktop guide to the intricate world of copyright litigation, including statutes and rules.

Book   $455.00 $364.00
ProView eBook   $455.00 $364.00

First created in response to the 2012 America Invents Act, this extensively updated edition covers all aspects of contested patent proceedings before the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office.

Book (Full Set)   $375.00 $300.00
ProView eBook   $375.00 $300.00

This book is intended to fill a glaring void and serve as a helpful tool in navigating a data breach. The book will help you understand breach notification requirements so you can have a clear plan in place before the breach occurs.

Book   $271.00 $216.80

This text discusses a range of antitrust topics, offering authoritative guidance on litigation and providing guidelines for compliance to avoid litigation.

Book (Full Set)   $261.00 $208.80
ProView eBook   $261.00 $208.80

This guide focuses mainly on two principal areas, privacy in the workplace and privacy relating to the Internet and e-commerce.

Book   $185.00 $148.00

Helps analyze patent damage, determine if litigation is desirable and provide background of current law and insights into damages litigation.

Book   $866.00 $692.80
ProView eBook   $866.00 $692.80

Authoritative coverage, analysis and commentary on every aspect of publicity and privacy. Includes state common law, and federal and foreign law.

Book (Full Set)   $1,882.00 $1,505.60
ProView eBook   $1,882.00 $1,505.60

Shows how the intellectual property practitioner can protect biotechnological inventions by bringing them into the intellectual property system.

Book (Full Set)   $1,726.00 $1,380.80
ProView eBook   $1,726.00 $1,380.80

This book provides an overview of the various types of intellectual property rights and advice on how to protect these assets.

Book (Full Set)   $686.00 $548.80

This book provides an overview of the various types of intellectual property rights and advice on how to protect these assets.

Book   $686.00 $548.80

This guide familiarizes you with state and federal regulations that oversee e-commerce and advises you on Internet marketing principles.

Book   $400.00 $320.00

A practical guide that surveys the full spectrum of intellectual property law.

Book   $271.00 $216.80
ProView eBook   $271.00 $216.80

Cloud Computing Legal Deskbook is a compass for those who navigate the complicated intersection of law and technology – a resource for users, providers, and counselors alike.

Book   $203.00 $162.40
ProView eBook   $203.00 $162.40

Unannotated version of the PTO-issued Trademark Manual of Examining Procedure

Book   $122.00 $97.60

This set provides agreements for drafting contracts in all areas of corporate practice.

Book   $1,136.00 $908.80

Keep up with the most significant developments in antitrust law on both procedural and substantive issues with this publication.

Book   $1,286.00 $1,028.80
ProView eBook   $1,286.00 $1,028.80

This is a reference for business attorneys who structure entertainment deals, negotiate contracts, or litigate disputes involving the entertainment industry.

Book (Full Set)   $1,449.00 $1,159.20

This book explains the types of property subject to copyright; how to protect and use copyrighted property; and copyright as it applies to the Internet.

Book   $45.00 $36.00

This title explains the basics of patent law and patent protection.

Book   $45.00 $36.00

Published by the American Bar Association (ABA), this book demystifies the The Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) system to help practitioners employ the PCT to their client's advantage.

Book   $139.95 $111.96

Access to state specific and national forms, checklists and clauses.

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