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Insurance Law

New edition This title summarizes all facets of automobile insurance law in Georgia, with an emphasis on tort cases involving automobile insurance.

Book   $588.00 $470.40
ProView eBook   $588.00 $470.40

This title summarizes current law, with explanations by experts in the insurance field.

Book   $390.00 $312.00

This is a quick reference to the complex and involved field of Alabama auto insurance law.

Book (Full Set)   $153.00 $122.40
ProView eBook   $153.00 $122.40

Authoritative, up-to-date coverage of significant issues in the fast-changing areas of automobile, life, health, property, and liability insurance.

Book (Full Set)   $186.00 $148.80

Informed examination of insurance coverage in construction disputes, discussing settlement costs, judgments, legal fees, CGL policy, and court interpretations.

Book (Full Set)   $1,017.00 $813.60

New edition This title provides a road map for handling personal injury protection issues under Florida's motor vehicle no-fault law.

Book   $541.00 $432.80
ProView eBook   $541.00 $432.80

New edition This guide contains the full text of the California Insurance Code, plus related provisions from state and federal statutes.

Book   $85.00 $68.00

New edition This resource synthesizes case law and legislation concerning Federal Rule 23, its state analogs, and the Class Action Fairness Act.

Book (Full Set)   $1,070.00 $856.00
ProView eBook   $1,070.00 $856.00

Overview of California insurance law includes synopses and analyses of every insurance law decision, cross-references, and commentary.

Book   $801.00 $640.80
ProView eBook

One-stop guidance through insurance-related disputes — policy interpretation, first- and third-party coverages, plus bad faith and extracontractual liability.

Book (Full Set)   $603.00
ProView eBook   $603.00

This law dictionary provides judicial and statutory meaning of policy terms contained in first-party property and third-party liability insurance policies.

Book (Full Set)   $564.00 $451.20
ProView eBook   $564.00 $451.20

This comprehensive treatise on title insurance law examines transactions, language, clauses, liability, regulations, and ALTA forms.

Book (Full Set)   $516.00 $412.80
ProView eBook   $516.00 $412.80

This title presents bad faith actions from both plaintiff and defendant perspectives.

Book   $501.00 $400.80
ProView eBook   $501.00 $400.80

This annotated version is intended to provide the user with a practical, portable and easy-to-use resource for legal research.

Book   $281.00 $224.80

This book contains compiled statutes of Chapter 215, Illinois Compiled Statutes and other related material.

Book   $297.00 $237.60
ProView eBook   $297.00 $237.60

A guide to conducting thorough investigations of casualty, fire, and marine claims.

Book   $240.00 $192.00
ProView eBook   $240.00 $192.00

Comprehensive legal guidance and forms, supported by authoritative, up-to-date caselaw and statutes, to handle all aspects/types of motor vehicle accident cases.

Book (Full Set)   $3,574.00 $2,859.20

This volume contains the Texas Insurance Code, as amended through the 2015 Regular Session of the 84th Legislature.

Book   $153.00
ProView eBook   $153.00

This title contains more than 209,800 case annotations to the most commonly sold and litigated property and liability policies in the United States today.

Book (Full Set)   $1,943.00 $1,554.40

New edition This title contains the complete text of the California Insurance Code, along with a schedule of fees and charges.

Book   $78.00 $62.40
ProView eBook

A practitioner’s insights get beyond the statutes and provide a guide to handling the most frequently encountered motor vehicle violations.

Book (Full Set)   $450.00 $360.00
ProView eBook   $450.00 $360.00

Access to state specific and national forms, checklists and clauses.

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