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Human Resources

Two expert practitioners offer a practical guide to the fast-changing law of employment practices.

Book   $436.00 $370.60
ProView eBook   $436.00 $370.60

A complete legal guide on termination of employment that covers every step of the employer/employee relationship.

Book (Full Set)
ProView eBook

In this Aspatore legal title, skilled managing partners, directors of human resources, diversity, and development offer the benefits of their expertise.

Book   $90.00 $76.50

New edition Practical guidance on how to produce a legally viable employee handbook.

Book   $1,358.00 $1,154.30
ProView eBook   $1,358.00 $1,154.30

New edition This book clarifies human resource management and employment laws.

Book   $1,395.00 $1,185.75
ProView eBook   $1,395.00 $1,185.75

Covers basic benefits programs, laws affecting benefits plans, ERISA, communicating benefits to employees, and outsourcing.

Book (Full Set)
ProView eBook

Provides clear and thorough explanations of employee benefits statutes and regulations.

Book (Full Set)   $1,241.00 $1,054.85
ProView eBook   $1,241.00 $1,054.85

This title provides step-by-step guidance to managing a variety of employment issues.

Book (Full Set)
ProView eBook

This concise guide to labor and employment law the most significant labor and employment issues.

Book (Full Set)   $759.00 $645.15
ProView eBook   $759.00 $645.15

This book helps users develop procedures to resolve employment-related disputes without litigation.

Book   $366.00 $311.10

This publication provides a collection of sample provisions for employee handbooks and policies plus a discussion of their legal implications.

Book   $464.00 $394.40

Provides step-by-step guidance on developing legal and effective human resource policies and procedures.

Book   $1,180.00 $1,003.00
ProView eBook   $1,180.00 $1,003.00

This comprehensive guide covers legal issues involving state and local government pension plans.

Book   $440.00 $374.00
ProView eBook   $440.00 $374.00

This collection of checklists covers areas of corporate practice from employee relations to Internet-related issues.

Book (Full Set)   $646.00 $549.10
ProView eBook   $646.00 $549.10

New edition This practical, comprehensive tool helps you design and implement policies, procedures, and compensation and benefits plans for the global workforce.

Book (Full Set)   $678.00 $576.30
ProView eBook   $678.00 $576.30

This newsletter examines day-to-day employee/labor problems and how management handled them.

Book (Full Set)

Provides updates on major issues affecting compensation and benefits.

Book (Full Set)

Reports on the changing laws that affect human resources.

Book (Full Set)   $1,508.00 $1,281.80
ProView eBook   $1,508.00 $1,281.80

Monthly newsletter keeps you up to date on all termination of employment changes and interpretations.

Book (Full Set)

In-depth analysis and guidance on compensation and benefits issues.

Book (Full Set)
ProView eBook

Comprehensive guidebook for human resource management by industry experts.

Book (Full Set)   $637.00 $541.45
ProView eBook   $637.00 $541.45

This newsletter, written for corporate counsel, covers important developments in all aspects of the law affecting the corporate counsel.

Book (Full Set)

A practical handbook for public and private businesses, this title outlines the latest ideas about executive compensation.

Book (Full Set)   $1,084.00 $921.40

This manual covers compliance with the laws protecting employees.

Book (Full Set)   $881.00 $748.85
ProView eBook   $881.00 $748.85

This work provides a complete analysis of wage and hour law, as well as family and medical leave law, organized in an easy-to-use format.

Book (Full Set)   $1,117.00 $949.45