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Government Agencies and Programs

This book contains the Texas Local Government Code, as amended through the 2015 Regular Session of the 84th Legislature.

Book   $85.00 $76.50
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Keep up with government contracting requirements using case studies, recommendations, examples, and an explanation of the elements of compliance.

Book (Full Set)   $291.00 $261.90
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This treatise provides comprehensive treatment of the laws that have developed under the federal Act, D.C., and various states.

Book   $267.00 $240.30
ProView eBook   $267.00 $240.30

New edition Convenient reference covers Ohio land use controls and related planning and economic development issues.

Book   $494.00 $444.60
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Provides “big picture” solutions to county and special district questions. Extensive citations to Texas Constitution, codes and statutes, and decisions.

Book (Full Set)   $614.00 $552.60
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New edition This book is a compilation of the laws and rules governing the administration of public employment in Ohio.

Book   $529.00 $476.10

Thorough examination and explanation of the state law that governs Texas municipalities.

Book (Full Set)   $485.00 $436.50
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This title provides a complete legal authority on e-commerce and Internet law, covering business-to-business and business-to-customer issues, regulatory issues, and trends.

Book (Full Set)   $2,567.50 $2,310.75

This Aspatore government relations title addresses legal and safety concerns of public and private college and university campuses.

Book   $75.00 $67.50

This Aspatore legal title provides an authoritative, insider's perspective on the intricacies of sex crimes, investigations, and trials.

Book   $85.00 $76.50

This Aspatore legal title provides an authoritative insider's perspective on best practices for enforcing the laws in Indian country.

Book   $85.00 $76.50

Ideal for government and defense attorneys, this Aspatore government relations title discusses law enforcement DUI procedures.

Book   $70.00 $63.00

This Aspatore government relations title discusses strategies for working with private utility providers and city governments to establish telecommunications infrastructures.

Book   $80.00 $72.00

This handbook provides quick access to complete and uniform coverage of each states’ lobbying and campaign finance laws and regulations.

Book   $484.00 $435.60
ProView eBook   $484.00 $435.60

This Aspatore legal title includes useful references to antidumping, countervailing duties, and FDA regulations that are enforced by customs.

Book   $30.00 $27.00

Explains provisions and procedures of each Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR), plus interpretive decisions of the courts and boards.

Book (Full Set)   $275.00 $247.50

This practical reference contains analytical text, statutes, and case law governing the administration and operations of Ohio counties.

Book (Full Set)   $487.00 $438.30

An overview of urban and city planning issues. Special topics include environmental regulations, historic preservation, and agricultural use.

Book (Full Set)   $233.00 $209.70
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Securities Crimes, 2d is written with Marvin G. Pickholz, Peter J. Henning, and Jason R. Pickholz. They are among the leading practitioners and academics in the field of securities law.

Book (Full Set)   $1,112.00 $1,000.80
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Discusses federal land use planning, including environmental regulation, and public water and mineral resource preservation.

Book (Full Set)   $3,038.00 $2,734.20
ProView eBook   $3,038.00 $2,734.20

Discusses tort immunity, state/local government liability, and civil rights claims. Distinguishes between actions brought under state and federal law.

Book (Full Set)   $679.00 $611.10
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Constitutional, statutory, judicial, and administrative laws are integrated for a complete analysis on every aspect of California law.

Book (Full Set)   $17,017.00 $15,315.30

Covers Ohio municipal law and practice—from annexation to zoning—plus municipal tort liability, collective bargaining, and public finance.

Book (Full Set)   $721.00 $648.90
ProView eBook   $721.00 $648.90

A practical guide to the statutes, case law, and regulations governing the administration and operations of Ohio townships.

Book (Full Set)   $541.00 $486.90

This periodical, authored by government contracting experts, is devoted to critical, current, and controversial federal procurement issues.

Book (Full Set)