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Family law books

Our family law books cover a wide range of topics, including executing and administering divorce, child custody, elder-care proceedings, and more.

This title provides state and federal provisions affecting family law practice in Pennsylvania, supplemented with expert commentary and case citations.

Book   $348.00
ProView eBook   $348.00

This treatise covers issues important to the practice of domestic relations law.

Book (Full Set)   $357.00
ProView eBook   $357.00

Provides a system to schedule, document, and complete divorce actions in a time- and cost-saving manner that is practical and up-to-date.

Book (Full Set)   $826.00
ProView eBook   $826.00

This treatise provides summaries and analysis of important California and federal family law decisions published since 1977.

Book (Full Set)   $1,155.00
ProView eBook   $1,155.00

Provides comprehensive analysis of New Jersey family law statutes, rules, leading cases, related Continuing Legal Education materials and cross references.

Book   $405.00

This set provides comprehensive coverage of domestic relations law in Ohio.

Book (Full Set)   $380.00
ProView eBook   $380.00

A thorough examination of federal income tax law and its effect on marital dissolution cases.

Book (Full Set)   $392.00
ProView eBook   $392.00

This title covers the practice of family law in Arkansas, including divorce, annulment, domestic abuse, guardianship, adoption, and domestic partnerships.

Book   $344.00
ProView eBook   $344.00

An all-encompassing treatise on domestic violence, integrating caselaw and statutes with scientific and medical information.

Book   $610.00
ProView eBook   $610.00

This informative pamphlet reference guide addresses elder law and special needs planning under New York and federal law.

Book   $558.00
ProView eBook   $558.00

This title addresses the complexities of juvenile court law and offers practice insights.

Book   $305.00
ProView eBook   $305.00

Provides coverage of New Jersey domestic relations and family law topics. Includes full text of statutes, court rules, and procedures.

Book   $273.00
ProView eBook   $273.00

This work provides access to procedural rules and state and federal statutes used in a Colorado family law proceeding.

Book   $257.00
ProView eBook   $257.00

This book examines the legal aspects of important family law topics as applied to lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender individuals.

Book   $247.00
ProView eBook   $247.00

Gain a thorough and detailed reference guide to current issues in Pennsylvania family law with this title.

Book (Full Set)   $254.00
ProView eBook   $254.00

This essential companion to TRG California Practice Guide: Family Law contains more than 250 forms, including detailed declarations and points and authorities.

Book (Full Set)   $332.00

This title provides the complete text of Colorado Title 14 (Domestic Matters), Title 19 (Children's Code), and selected Court Rules.

Book   $293.00
ProView eBook   $293.00

This annually revised publication covers the procedural case law interpreting the Family Law Rules and their related civil rule counterparts.

Book   $263.00
ProView eBook   $263.00

This product is a definitive resource on Oklahoma family law for seasoned and novice practitioners alike.

Book (Full Set)   $224.00
ProView eBook   $224.00

This manual provides paralegals with the fundamentals of family law, helping the paralegal to become an essential part of any family law practice.

Book   $155.00

This comprehensive resource delivers a concise statement and critical examination of every major substantive subject of California statutory and decisional law.

Book (Full Set)   $2,725.00

All the information and guidance you need to determine financial support in divorce cases.

Book   $673.00
ProView eBook   $673.00

This volume is a comprehensive guide to Kentucky divorce laws and procedures.

Book   $711.00
ProView eBook   $711.00

This extensive set covers all aspects of Family Law. Contains tables of statutes, court rules and significant cases.

Book (Full Set)   $612.00
ProView eBook   $612.00

This title contains comprehensive coverage of domestic relations laws in Kentucky, as well as useful practice tools.

Book (Full Set)   $462.00
ProView eBook   $462.00