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Family Law Books

Our family law books cover a wide range of topics, including executing and administering divorce, child custody, elder-care proceedings, and more.

Contains the full text of the California Family Code, significant family-related provisions from other codes, and expert commentary from Blumberg.

Book   $69.00 $55.20

Covers Family Code domestic relations and dissolution practice, including pendente lite relief, support, custody, property, tax, agreements, modification, domestic partnerships, and enforcement.

Book (Full Set)   $555.00 $444.00
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This set offers in-depth coverage of Illinois family law, as well as useful forms and research aids.

Book   $306.00 $244.80

Constitutional provisions, statutes, and rules relating to Arizona family law and procedure.

Book   $223.00 $178.40
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This manual provides paralegals with the fundamentals of family law, helping the paralegal to become an essential part of any family law practice.

Book   $130.00 $104.00

New edition This work provides the complete California Family Code, applicable family law-related provisions from additional codes, and family law rules.

Book   $63.00 $50.40

This title provides an in-depth analysis of the issues typically encountered in family law in Georgia.

Book   $457.00 $365.60
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Practical and procedural guidance you need for Louisiana family law practice.

Book   $400.00 $320.00

This guide to Florida family law includes preparation strategies and practice-tested tips and tactics.

Book   $162.00 $129.60

This informative pamphlet and CD-ROM reference guide addresses elder law and special needs planning under New York and federal law.

Book   $377.00 $301.60
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This pamphlet provides a comprehensive and authoritative presentation of the Texas Family Code and related state and federal laws. Includes Texas legislation through the First Called Session of the 83rd Legislature (2013).

Book   $147.00 $117.60
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New edition This work contains a comprehensive collection of California and federal statutes, rules of court, and regulations relating to juveniles.

Book   $58.00 $46.40

This volume contains the Texas Family Code, as amended through the 2013 Regular and Called Sessions of the 83rd Legislature.

Book   $68.00 $54.40
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This essential companion to TRG's California Practice Guide: Family Law contains more than 250 forms, including detailed declarations and points and authorities.

Book (Full Set)   $260.00 $208.00

Gives you agreements, letters, affidavits, discovery documents, and pleadings for all aspects of divorce, alimony and child custody.

Book (Full Set)   $338.00 $270.40

New edition

This title provides a collection of provisions from the Code of Laws of South Carolina for the practice of family law.

Book   $158.00 $126.40

This annually revised publication covers the procedural case law interpreting the Family Law Rules and their related civil rule counterparts.

Book   $178.00 $142.40

This treatise gives you the blackletter law using Virginia precedents and trends from other jurisdictions.

Book   $243.00 $194.40
ProView eBook   $211.00 $168.80

A compilation of statutes and rules essential to researching and practicing Kentucky family law is provided in this work.

Book   $197.00 $157.60

Gain a thorough and detailed reference guide to current issues in Pennsylvania family law with this title.

Book   $209.00 $167.20

This product contains the requirements for establishing child support recommendations in Michigan domestic relations cases.

Book   $24.00 $19.20

This reference provides complete coverage of Maine’s Domestic Relations Code and related provisions.

Book   $191.00 $152.80
ProView eBook

This title contains comprehensive coverage of domestic relations laws in Kentucky, as well as useful practice tools.

Book   $444.00 $355.20

This work contains virtually everything you need to process even a moderately complex divorce case.

Book (Full Set)   $283.00 $226.40

Consolidates the statutes and rules pertaining to Michigan family law into one convenient publication.

Book   $207.00 $165.60
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