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California Jury Instruction Selector - Civil (CACI and BAJI), CD-ROM ed.


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With California Jury Instruction Selector – Civil, CD-ROM you can search, select, and print relevant CACI and BAJI civil jury instructions for submission to California courts. This Windows-based software includes use notes and commentary for easy selection of relevant instructions, and allows you to edit standard instructions or write new ones to meet your specific needs. It also includes:

  • The Text of the official CACI instructions from the Judicial Council of California and the BAJI instructions
  • Automatic data entry and editing tools that help you create case-specific and accurate jury instructions
  • A variety of printing formats including traditional single-page or booklet style
  • Links to relevant cited material

The software tracks instruction history and status, including who requested it, approval status, and whether it has been modified. It also stores court, attorney, and party information and other case-specific information.