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International law books

Legal Solutions by Thomson Reuters offers extensive international law resources and digital tools including hardbound and softbound law books, ProView eBooks and legal software solutions to best suit the needs of your law practice.

Small Law Firm KPIs teaches you the business basics you need to run your business successfully, improve client satisfaction and cash received, and have a solid measurement system in place that shows the value of your firm.

Book   $85.00

This guide provides checklists and forms to counsel clients doing business with foreign entities. Addresses key business and legal considerations.

Book (Full Set)   $645.00
ProView eBook   $645.00

This desktop reference is completely updated with the most current consular legalization requirements.

Book   $416.00
ProView eBook   $416.00

Examination of the estate planning and international tax problems of nonresident aliens in the United States and American citizens living abroad.

Book (Full Set)   $883.00
ProView eBook   $883.00

Published by the American Bar Association (ABA), this handbook identifies major FCPA risk areas and practical suggestions for how companies can address these risks and conduct credible investigations.

Book   $279.95

New edition This title includes a discussion of the issues involved in international transactions and includes sample agreements.

Book   $551.00

This set is a resource for foreign investors and their counsel, with analysis and commentary.

Book (Full Set)   $362.00

This product provides practitioners and contract managers with everything they need to know when facing international contract situations.

Book (Full Set)   $846.00

This is a guide on issues concerning U.S. adoption of the U.N. Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods.

Book (Full Set)   $369.00

This title covers the major aspects of the United Arab Emirates' legal system and offers a detailed overview of its laws.

Book   $201.00
ProView eBook   $201.00

Published by the American Bar Association (ABA), this book demystifies the The Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) system to help practitioners employ the PCT to their client's advantage.

Book   $139.95

Published by the American Bar Association (ABA), this guide covers the basics of the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG) and how it affects international business transactions.

Book   $89.95

This is a uniquely thorough and complete resource for understanding contemporary money laundering law.

Book (Full Set)   $3,735.00

This set explains antidumping and countervailing duty law issues facing multistate and international trade law practitioners.

Book (Full Set)   $1,692.00
ProView eBook   $1,692.00

This practical guide to designing, implementing, and maintaining an antitrust compliance program includes examples, tips, and checklists.

Book   $652.00
ProView eBook   $652.00

This work helps answer questions for companies doing business in India.

Book   $291.00

This newsletter presents concise, understandable explanations of international law subjects plus analysis of recent developments.

Book (Full Set)

This trusted four-volume treatise provides practical coverage (forms and commentary) of international licensing and intellectual property rights (patents, trademarks, copyrights) around the world.

Book (Full Set)   $6,061.00

This work is a complete overview of business organization law in Alabama.

Book (Full Set)   $354.00
ProView eBook   $354.00

This Aspatore product provides an authoritative, insider's perspective on strategies for assessing current trends and issues in international tax law.

Book   $100.00

Published by the American Bar Association (ABA), this book demonstrates how human trafficking intersects with the daily practices of attorneys across multiple practice areas, how their skills translate, and how they can easily begin to integrate a

Book   $99.95
ProView eBook   $99.95

This Aspatore product provides an authoritative perspective on global joint venture transactions.

Book   $504.95

In this Aspatore title, M&A lawyers discuss key strategies for representing and advising companies involved in acquisitions in China.

Book   $105.00

This Aspatore product provides feedback from leading lawyers around the world on weighing options for investing during the economic crisis.

Book   $25.00

This product provides feedback from leading attorneys on the challenges of Foreign Corrupt Practices Act compliance when doing business overseas.

Book   $25.00