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Brand: California Family Law Report

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CD-ROM - Priced Per User


Developed by the late George Norton, a leading family law expert, SupporTax on CD-ROM gives you seven powerful tools for calculating child or spousal support.

  • SupporTax calculates support under California Statewide Uniform Child Support Guidelines
  • Equitable Divider divides property at the time of marriage dissolution
  • Arrearage Calculator analyzes back child/spousal payments with interest
  • Present Value Calculator calculates the present value of a spousal support order
  • Day Counter formulates dates based on elapsed days or vice versa
  • Recapture Calculator determines whether spousal support orders will result in recapture
  • Amortization Calculator formulates amortization as you work on equitable support divisions

In addition:

  • Bonus Calculator computes modifications due to increased income
  • Support Scenario Function compares several support plans, and presents them in a pie chart
  • Custody Worksheet Calendar calculates fair custody sharing percentage for each parent
  • 50% Custody Function determines support in more complex joint custody cases
  • Super Summary Screen compares and contrasts different income, support, and visitation scenarios
  • Tax Screen helps correctly calculate new child credit
  • Hourly Income Calculator assists in estimating annual income
  • Child Support Reports print in the form of a court order

Features of this title include:

  • Complies with California Statewide Uniform Child Support Guidelines
  • Certified for use in California courts by the Judicial Council
  • Usage advice via e-mail provided by Garrett C. Dailey, CFLS, AAML, selected by George Norton as his successor
  • Authoritative report format duplicates format of Judicial Council forms