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This “how to” book on trial fundamentals focuses on what to say in a jury trial and how to say it.

Book $60.00 $42.00

This litigators "bible" provides step-by-step guidance through pretrial procedures, from client intake, to commencing suit, and bringing it to trial.

Book (Full Set) $638.00 $446.60
ProView eBook   $638.00 $446.60

Covers Family Code domestic relations and dissolution practice, including pendente lite relief, support, custody, property, tax, agreements, modification, domestic partnerships, and enforcement.

Book (Full Set) $638.00 $446.60
ProView eBook   $638.00 $446.60

This manual provides paralegals with the civil procedure tools needed to handle their daily assignments in civil litigation practice.

Book $132.00 $92.40

Experts cover federal and California state employment law from job application through termination, including discrimination, harassment, wages/hours, leaves and wrongful discharge.

Book (Full Set) $659.00 $461.30

This companion to The Rutter Group's Civil Procedure Before Trial contains over 250 forms, including motions, declarations, pleadings, and allegations.

Book (Full Set) $336.00 $235.20

Authoritative guidance on pretrial practice in California federal courts. Includes jurisdiction, removal and remand, motion practice, discovery, and more!

Book (Full Set) $638.00 $446.60

This essential companion to TRG's California Practice Guide: Family Law contains more than 250 forms, including detailed declarations and points and authorities.

Book (Full Set) $297.00 $207.90

Client intake, causes of action, theories of recovery, defenses and immunities, MICRA, damages, settlements, prelawsuit claim filing, and more.

Book (Full Set) $638.00 $446.60

This title is an excellent quick reference for civil motion writers and essential companion to California Law and Motion Authorities.

Book (Full Set) $270.00 $189.00

This guide provides full Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act coverage and guidance through the four California Bankruptcy Court districts.

Book (Full Set) $721.00 $504.70

This is an ideal training manual for legal staff with "must have" forms for the law office. Includes checklists and handy glossary.

Book (Full Set) $215.00 $150.50

Expert guidance on law and procedures governing debt collection and enforcing judgments. Also includes provisional remedies, bankruptcy considerations, essential forms.

Book (Full Set) $506.00 $354.20

“How to” guide through civil appeals and writs processes, by prominent appellate experts. Integrates statutes, court rules, cases, and forms.

Book (Full Set) $517.00 $361.90

Legal staff's step-by-step instructions for major areas of law practice — both civil and criminal, state and federal.

Book (Full Set) $358.00 $250.60

Today's Deal This comprehensive reference provides quick and easy access to the "blackletter law" for hundreds of California civil motion topics.

Book (Full Set) $270.00 $189.00

New Product This book is designed to assist all attorney litigators and their support staff of law clerks and paralegals in drafting opposition briefs related to scores of key California civil motions.

Book (Full Set) $187.00 $130.90

This title provides ready-to-cite authorities on discovery objections, privileges, and the legal validity of proposed or received discovery inquiries.

Book (Full Set) $187.00 $130.90

This title covers premortem planning, nonprobate alternatives, commencing probate, spousal set-asides, creditor claims, litigation, distributions, discharge, and estate and income taxes.

Book (Full Set) $578.00 $404.60

This deskbook is a comprehensive treatment of California's landmark "anti-SLAPP" legislation (CCP §§425.16, 425.17, 425.18).

Book $187.00 $130.90

Commercial and residential tenancies, from leasing to tenancy termination and eviction, plus rent control, bankruptcy, and government-subsidized housing.

Book (Full Set) $506.00 $354.20
ProView eBook   $506.00 $354.20

The latest companion to The Rutter Group's Civil Procedure Before Trial provides the essential elements, key defenses and primary remedies for over 50 claims.

Book (Full Set) $303.00 $212.10
ProView eBook   $303.00 $212.10

Everything you need to know to try civil lawsuits in state court, including analytical approaches to evidence and witness examination.

Book (Full Set) $638.00 $446.60
ProView eBook   $638.00 $446.60

This manual provides expert guidance in handling trial preparation and in-court assignments during a civil trial.

Book $120.00 $84.00

For civil and criminal practitioners. Coverage includes advertising and solicitation, conflicts, attorney fees, confidentiality, advocacy, entrusted funds, termination, disciplinary proceedings.

Book (Full Set) $517.00 $361.90