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This book contains the Texas Estates Code, related Texas statutes. It includes legislation through the Regular Session of the 85th Legislature (2017).

Book   $174.00
ProView eBook   $174.00

This pamphlet provides a comprehensive and authoritative presentation of the Texas Family Code and related state and federal laws. It includes Texas legislation through the most recent Regular Session of the Legislature.

Book   $174.00
ProView eBook   $174.00

This practical manual for attorneys, contractors, architects, engineers, and developers covers virtually every legal issue involved in New York construction.

Book   $182.00
ProView eBook   $182.00

Extensive reference providing step-by-step guidance for every phase and all types of New York criminal cases.

Book   $601.00
ProView eBook   $601.00

Simon's provides in-depth up-to-the-minute coverage of the rules that govern attorney conduct in New York. It is an essential guide for New York lawyers and for attorneys who litigate in New York.

Book   $406.00

This set set provides a full range of forms used in Indiana probate cases.

Book (Full Set)   $796.00

This Tennessee Practice Series volume provides an expert, comprehensive overview of elder law for practitioners and general estate planning lawyers.

Book   $293.00
ProView eBook   $293.00

Clear, concise coverage of the laws governing Tennessee probate practice, plus proven strategies, procedures, and tips.

Book (Full Set)   $294.00
ProView eBook

New edition Provides a comprehensive and authoritative single-volume presentation of the Texas Tax Code and selected provisions of the Texas Administrative Code.

Book   $183.00
ProView eBook   $183.00

This pamphlet is a collection of Official Code provisions for the practice of probate law in South Carolina.

Book   $205.00
ProView eBook   $205.00

New edition This handbook contains the full text of the Federal Sentencing Guidelines and insightful commentary.

Book   $1,219.00

This handbook is a comprehensive guide to civil and criminal trials and related issues in Ohio.

Book   $780.00
ProView eBook   $780.00

Full text of the latest Texas Rules of Civil Procedure, complete with notes and comments.

Book   $173.00
ProView eBook   $173.00

The official text of New York Codes, Rules, and Regulations (NYCRR) pertaining to public service, supplemented with case notes.

Book   $55.07

This set is a comprehensive guide to probate and estate proceedings in Illinois.

Book (Full Set)   $1,574.00

This two-volume set is a guide through every stage of a civil trial and related legal issues in Illinois.

Book (Full Set)   $664.00
ProView eBook   $664.00

Thorough, authoritative treatment of the issues and questions confronting practitioners who are preparing for or conducting civil trials in federal courts.

Book (Full Set)   $624.00
ProView eBook   $624.00

This set is a comprehensive guide to preparing and drafting wills and trust documents.

Book (Full Set)   $804.00
ProView eBook   $804.00

This work is a practical guide to every critical aspect of practicing trial law in Massachusetts.

Book (Full Set)   $366.00
ProView eBook   $366.00

This product compiles and organizes over 290 model documents for your easy access.

Book (Full Set)   $682.00

Essential guidance in handling routine incorporation procedures in Tennessee.

Book (Full Set)   $278.00
ProView eBook   $278.00

This text gives you practice-oriented concepts and tools for estate planning and trust administration.

Book (Full Set)   $218.00
ProView eBook   $218.00

Comprehensive and practical reference to the jurisdiction and procedure of Connecticut estates practice, including cases, statutes, rules, and forms.

Book   $218.00
ProView eBook   $218.00

New edition This title provides you with essential information about Texas construction law.

Book   $205.00
ProView eBook

This publication contains the full text of the Texas Rules of Evidence with accompanying notes and comments.

Book   $181.00
ProView eBook   $181.00