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This guide focuses mainly on two principal areas, privacy in the workplace and privacy relating to the Internet and e-commerce.

Book   $185.00 $166.50

This book provides an overview of the various types of intellectual property rights and advice on how to protect these assets.

Book   $686.00 $617.40

This book provides information for structuring and analyzing deals regarding strategic alliances.

Book   $674.00 $606.60

This publication addresses the legally sensitive area of advertising law, covering topics from advertising to children to warranties.

Book   $405.00 $364.50

New edition This title includes a discussion of the issues involved in international transactions and includes sample agreements.

Book   $551.00 $495.90

This is a guide on issues concerning U.S. adoption of the U.N. Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods.

Book (Full Set)   $369.00 $332.10

This set provides agreements for drafting contracts in all areas of corporate practice.

Book   $1,136.00 $1,022.40

This set assembles sample agreements to help you with your contract drafting needs in all areas of corporate practice.

Book (Full Set)   $1,261.00 $1,134.90

New edition This book answers the many difficult questions asked by human resources personnel about the wage and hour laws.

Book   $408.00 $367.20

This work reviews the basics of customs law and regulation, and includes the text of many statutes and regulations.

Book   $483.00 $434.70

This guide provides information on the legal issues related to the use of independent contractors rather than full-time employees.

Book   $421.00 $378.90

This book provides an overview of the various types of intellectual property rights and advice on how to protect these assets.

Book (Full Set)   $686.00 $617.40

New edition This guide provides a basic overview of copyright law and includes sample agreements.

Book   $499.00 $449.10

New edition This guide covers relevant laws and regulations about workforce reduction, including the National Labor Relations Act, age discrimination, and ERISA.

Book   $622.00 $559.80

This practical guide helps you with techniques and approaches to use when counseling companies or other clients on distribution problems.

Book (Full Set)   $1,059.00 $953.10
ProView eBook   $1,059.00 $953.10

This guide helps you decide when and how to use employment contracts.

Book (Full Set)   $461.00 $414.90

This set helps with the purchase or sale of divisions and subsidiaries, including negotiation strategies and key legal points.

Book (Full Set)   $1,205.00 $1,084.50

This guide helps you advise your clients when and how to maintain their business records.

Book (Full Set)

This publication answers questions in a wide range of bankruptcy-related areas, including fraudulent transfers, involuntary petition, proofs of claim and more.

Book (Full Set)   $707.00 $636.30

This book will help corporate counsel advise clients on all types of construction projects, from relatively simple to very complex.

Book (Full Set)   $704.00 $633.60

This guide provides case summaries, checklists, and recent articles to help employers address issues pertaining to employee leaves of absence.

Book (Full Set)

This set provides text, commentary, and other relevant materials relating to the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

Book (Full Set)

This set includes a complete explanation of all the legal issues in purchasing, from antitrust to quantum meruit.

Book (Full Set)   $1,104.00 $993.60

This publication covers the most common and pressing concerns of sellers and their counsel in a highly practical way.

Book (Full Set)   $472.00 $424.80

This book includes a discussion of e-commerce law and a collection of agreements to help you document transactions efficiently and cost-effectively.

Book (Full Set)   $486.00 $437.40