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This book is a reference guide to criminal law and procedure in Kentucky, plus research aids and other editorial enhancements.

Book   $286.00

A thorough, practical guide to the law of search and seizure, interrogation and confession, and pretrial identification.

Book   $452.00
ProView eBook   $452.00

A compilation of statutes and rules essential to researching and practicing Kentucky family law is provided in this work.

Book   $254.00

This title provides practice guidance for prosecutors, defense counsel, and law enforcement in handling Ohio DUI cases.

Book   $600.00
ProView eBook   $600.00

Clear, concise commentary on federal and state statutes, rules, and court decisions applicable to Ohio consumer law.

Book   $428.00
ProView eBook   $428.00

New edition This compilation provides a comprehensive criminal law reference for use in court, office, classroom, or police cruiser.

Book   $375.00

This set provides comprehensive coverage of domestic relations law in Ohio.

Book   $380.00
ProView eBook   $380.00

This is a guide to and reference source for real estate law and practice.

Book   $799.00
ProView eBook   $799.00

This book is a comprehensive guide to Kentucky laws relating to driving under the influence.

Book   $547.00
ProView eBook   $547.00

This book is a comprehensive guide to criminal practice and procedure in Kentucky.

Book   $484.00
ProView eBook   $484.00

This title contains comprehensive coverage of domestic relations laws in Kentucky, as well as useful practice tools.

Book (Full Set)   $457.00
ProView eBook   $457.00

Convenient reference covers Ohio land use controls and related planning and economic development issues.

Book   $430.00
ProView eBook   $430.00

This latest edition guides you through Kentucky's Rules of Civil Procedure, adding new commentary and case annotations.

Book (Full Set)   $426.00
ProView eBook   $426.00

Offers comprehensive coverage of recent probate law, procedure, and theory.

Book (Full Set)   $407.00
ProView eBook   $407.00

This convenient two-volume set keeps you current with all statutes and rules governing civil practice and procedure in Ohio.

Book (Full Set)   $322.00

The two-volume set provides authoritative and extensive coverage of the basic law of real property, procedures, and forms covering a wide variety of real estate transactions in Kentucky.

Book (Full Set)   $300.00
ProView eBook   $300.00

This is a complete, annotated reference for statutes and court rules related to probate issues in Kentucky.

Book   $280.00

A comprehensive guide to probate law and estate planning in Kentucky.

Book (Full Set)   $258.00
ProView eBook   $258.00

Contains the full text of Ohio’s probate laws and related statutes.

Book   $149.00

This pamphlet lists descriptions and properties of pharmaceutical drugs controlled by Ohio law.

Book   $71.00

This is a comprehensive collection of Ohio Building Code rules, with research aids.

Book (Full Set)   $573.00

New edition Provides pointers, tips, and strategies for personal injury cases, including products liability and medical malpractice cases.

Book   $461.00

New edition This product provides you with a portable "Red Book," containing text from Baldwin's Ohio School Law.

Book   $575.00

New edition A thorough discussion of Ohio administrative law, along with a comprehensive directory of state agencies.

Book   $424.00

This volume is a basic guide to civil trial practice in Kentucky.

Book (Full Set)   $147.00