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Criminal Law and Procedure

Legal Solutions from Thomson Reuters offers comprehensive legal resources for criminal law attorneys.

This title provides an inclusive evidence manual for use in Florida courts.

Book   $360.00 $248.40
ProView eBook   $360.00 $248.40

This manual contains the text of the United States Sentencing Guidelines, Policy Statements, and Commentary, amended and effective November 1, 2011.

Book (Full Set)   $123.00 $84.87

This work contains the complete state criminal and motor vehicle statutes and rules.

Book   $174.00
ProView eBook   $174.00

Full text of Illinois Criminal Code, including Chapter 720 "Criminal Offenses," and Chapter 725 "Criminal Procedure," plus related statutes.

Book   $138.00 $95.22
ProView eBook   $138.00 $95.22

This practice reference supplies practical advice and analysis for successfully negotiating and trying DWI cases in New York state courts.

Book   $483.00 $333.27
ProView eBook   $483.00 $333.27

This compact work provides immediate access to the latest federal code sections and rules of criminal procedure, including current amendments.

Book   $146.00
ProView eBook   $146.00

A portable volume of Chapter 625, Illinois Compiled Statutes.

Book   $112.00 $77.28
ProView eBook   $112.00 $77.28

Current information on the state’s revised sentencing guidelines, complete with changes.

Book   $60.00

This title covers all aspects of searches and seizures, applying federal and state law principles in California.

Book   $182.00 $125.58

Handbook gives you correct answers to your evidentiary questions the first time and every time.

Book   $199.00
ProView eBook   $199.00

This text provides a guide to DUI/DWI defense along with thorough analysis of California and federal case law and legislation.

Book (Full Set)   $146.00 $100.74

This title contains the Texas Penal Code, as amended through the 2013 Regular and Called Sessions of the 83rd Legislature.

Book   $67.00 $46.23
ProView eBook   $67.00 $46.23

This publication covers all the current New Jersey law relating to intoxicated drivers.

Book   $312.00 $215.28

This work provides a guide to understanding and addressing Florida-specific issues in DUI cases.

Book   $283.00 $195.27
ProView eBook   $283.00 $195.27

Court Rules provides rules essential to practice before the courts and serves as a comprehensive yet portable procedural law library.

Book (Full Set)   $201.00
ProView eBook   $201.00

This title compiles New Jersey’s statutes and rules relating to criminal law in one take-along pamphlet.

Book   $189.00 $130.41
ProView eBook   $189.00 $130.41

Complete text of the Michigan Penal Code, Code of Criminal Procedure, other relevant laws and rules and comprehensive index.

Book   $192.00

This Pennsylvania set provides rules essential to practice before the courts and serves as a comprehensive yet portable procedural law library.

Book (Full Set)   $154.00
ProView eBook   $154.00

This work contains criminal and motor vehicle codes, as well as related practical laws relevant for law enforcement officers.

Book   $141.00 $97.29
ProView eBook   $141.00 $97.29

This handbook contains the full text of the Federal Sentencing Guidelines and insightful commentary.

Book   $755.00 $520.95

This handbook covers criminal statutes, the rules of criminal procedure, the rules of juvenile delinquency procedure, the rules of juvenile protection procedure, and the rules of evidence, and the sentencing guidelines.

Book   $237.00 $163.53
ProView eBook   $237.00 $163.53

This Aspatore legal title provides a look at the investigation, prosecution, and sentencing phases of a sexual crimes case.

Book   $25.00 $17.25

This guide provides practical, real-life advice on the best practices and methods for voir dire, plus forms.

Book (Full Set)   $321.00 $221.49
ProView eBook   $321.00 $221.49

This practice book covers every aspect of California criminal procedure, from arrest and arraignment through sentencing and appeal.

Book   $407.00

This title provides a collection of provisions from the Code of Laws of South Carolina for the practice of criminal law.

Book   $142.00 $97.98
ProView eBook   $142.00 $97.98