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Florida Law Products

Legal Solutions from Thomson Reuters offers comprehensive Florida legal resources, including law books, WestlawNext, legal software and automated forms for Florida attorneys.

This title provides an inclusive evidence manual for use in Florida courts.

Book $360.00 $252.00
ProView eBook   $360.00 $252.00

Trawick explains the Florida Rules of Civil Procedure, taking a case from discovery through trial.

Book $348.00 $243.60
ProView eBook   $348.00 $243.60

The volume is a basic guide to trial objections and objections during pre-trial depositions in Florida.

Book $70.00 $49.00

This work contains statutes and rules of court pertaining to Florida probate, estate taxation, guardianship, and related laws.

Book $191.00 $133.70
ProView eBook   $191.00 $133.70

This title provides a road map for handling personal injury protection issues under Florida's motor vehicle no-fault law.

Book $376.00 $263.20
ProView eBook   $376.00 $263.20

This volume is a comprehensive treatise on civil procedure in Florida.

Book $362.00 $253.40
ProView eBook   $362.00 $253.40

This work provides a guide to understanding and addressing Florida-specific issues in DUI cases.

Book $283.00 $198.10
ProView eBook   $283.00 $198.10

This text covers constitutional provisions, statutes, and rules of court pertaining to Florida criminal law and procedure.

Book $227.00 $158.90
ProView eBook   $227.00 $158.90

This guide to Florida family law includes preparation strategies and practice-tested tips and tactics.

Book $162.00 $113.40

This work offers a practical, in-depth analysis of construction law in Florida.

Book $346.00 $242.20
ProView eBook   $346.00 $242.20

This volume is a comprehensive guide to pretrial criminal procedure, investigation of criminal offenses, and stages of trial.

Book $214.00 $149.80

This title reviews the law of trusts, including applicable rules, statutes, and cases and changes to the Florida Trust Code.

Book $177.00 $123.90

This manual covers nearly all areas of insurance law in Florida–automobile, health, homeowners', and workers' compensation insurance.

Book $283.00 $198.10

The new edition of this work provides the complete text of major corporate acts in Florida.

Book $362.00 $253.40

This text, which includes forms, is a practical guide to civil procedure practice in Florida.

Book (Full Set) $249.00 $174.30

This work contains the statutes and rules of court pertaining to Florida family law.

Book $188.00 $131.60

Provides a step-by-step analysis of the appellate process for Florida.

Book $358.00 $250.60
ProView eBook   $358.00 $250.60

This set provides a practical guide to counseling the elderly client in Florida.

Book (Full Set) $592.00 $414.40

This product covers Florida real estate in one volume and provides a resource no real estate practitioner should be without.

Book $210.00 $147.00

This work is a step-by-step practice guide to planning and maintaining an estate.

Book (Full Set) $574.00 $401.80

This provides you with fast access to the forms you need to practice under the Florida Rules.

Book (Full Set) $622.00 $435.40
ProView eBook   $622.00 $435.40

Provides a concise exposition on the law, from drafting of a valid instrument through administration and distribution of the estate

Book $375.00 $262.50

This work contains criminal and motor vehicle codes, as well as related practical laws relevant for law enforcement officers.

Book $181.00 $126.70

This work provides comprehensive information about the legal and practical aspects of civil practice in Florida.

Book $387.00 $270.90
ProView eBook   $387.00 $270.90