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Litigating Tort Cases (AAJ Press)

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Litigating Tort Cases (AAJ Press)


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Litigating Tort Cases from AAJ Press (formerly ATLA Press), co-edited by nationally known trial lawyers Roxanne Conlin and Gregory Cusimano, brings you step-by-step advice, legal analysis, and valuable guidance on more than 65 areas of tort practice and procedure, including more than 300 actual case-file forms and jury instructions. Each chapter of the treatise covers what you should do and what you need to know, ensuring that nothing has been overlooked. Regardless of your experience, this text will provide key support in elevating your practice success. This set also:

  • Lays out cutting-edge strategies, techniques, and checklists to assist you in remaining current and expanding your practice areas
  • Presents and explains driving legal concepts to consider in your pleadings
  • Focuses on modern practice matters, such as forum selection and demonstrative and documentary evidence
  • Includes sample pleadings and forms from the authors' own case files to adapt to your cases
  • Helps you draft documents for motions, damages, trial, posttrial, and appeal
  • Assists you with handling a case you haven't dealt with before
  • Guides you through each phase of a tort case, including assessment, pleading and discovery, motions, damages, trial, posttrial, and appeal
  • Discusses particular areas of tort practice and the kinds of tort litigation most commonly encountered, with applicable law and relevant strategies